The NYC Pooch Experience

NYC Pooch Doggy NYC Pooch is more than just a dog walking service. We’re right up there with doggy runs and fire hydrants
when it comes to lifestyle must-haves for NYC dogs. From the moment you contact us, we find out everything
there is to know about the routine that you and your dog are used to. After that, we’re
all about fun and exercise, good health, proper stimulation and reinforcing good habits.
Whether you’ve got a puppy or a wise old pooch, we set up a program that works best
for both you and your dog.

How do we do it? We don't just talk – we
listen. A great walker knows your
dog’s personality and quirks, the
places he likes to go and the
places he doesn’t. That’s what
our initial consultation is all
about. Once you get started,
our daily Pup Reports™ are
the perfect way to stay in touch.
You'll get the latest and
greatest on your furry friend:
how close he came to catching
that infamous squirrel, or news of
that giant tree branch she tried to
bring home as a present. We’ll also
send pictures from the walk to make you
smile. NYC Pooch dogs don’t just go for walks, they go for adventures.

NYC Pooch never walks in packs. We all know the benefits of having dogs socialize with each other, but pack walking is
unsafe – and besides, we believe your little New Yorker should be free to investigate every fire hydrant, tree and grassy hilltop
that his little furry heart desires, just as he would when he's out with you.

Dog Walking is a Health Thing

As every single study ever done in the history of the world
has shown, exercise is important. For dogs, it's even more
so. Being active is a way of life for them – it's in their genes.
Studies show that proper exercise reduces the risk of some
canine cancers, increases lifespan, maintains weight loss

From Small Fries to Old Timers

New puppies can be a handful, and older dogs sometimes
need special care, but never fear – we work with your dog to
give her the special attention she needs through every stage
of her life. We can help house-train and socialize your
puppy, and we can teach her basic commands with positive READ MORE...

The Greatest Dog Walkers On The Planet

You wouldn't send your dog out for a walk with just anyone,
so our walkers are real someones. We hire only dog lovers,
and then we send them to boot camp, where they receive
extensive training in commands, health and safety. Our
standards are high and our tests are rigorous, but our
NYC Pooch Blog

We’ll Walk The Dog, You Walk the Blog

You live every day to the fullest, and we’re here to help your dog do the same. Here at NYC Pooch, we know about NYC,
and we know about pooches. So we put together the two
things we know the most about and started a kick-ass blog
aptly named … Walking the Blog!
Hit Us Up!

Hit Us Up!

What else do we want you to know? We're fully bonded and
insured NYC dog walkers, and we'll never leave your dog
unattended – ever. We'll set up a program for every stage of
your dog's development, and we constantly update your
profile so that we always have the most up-to-date care
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