The History of NYC Pooch

NYC Pooch Doggy

The story of NYC Pooch began almost a decade ago when two Upper West Siders, Dan Shemetoff and Ed Zeltser,
set out to create a business like no other in town. Sure, there were other dog walkers before them, some of them were
even pretty good. But while other walkers were busy trying to see how many dogs they could physically maneuver
down busy city sidewalks, Dan and Ed made sure that every pup was treated with the same individualized care
and attention their owners gave them.

Armed with nothing but two leashes and two pairs of cool sneakers, the guys created West Side Pooch
and got to work.

It didn't take long before West Side Pooch began to outgrow the neighborhood – and its name. So in 2007,
lifelong friend Shane McEvoy was brought in as a partner, and NYC Pooch was born. Shane’s passion for
animals and his warm-hearted nature made him a perfect fit for the company, and with his help,
NYC Pooch became one of New York City’s top dog-care providers.

They didn't pack walk. They asked the important questions, and they took the time to learn each and every
dog’s personality. Pups were healthier, happier and more obedient after their mid-day adventures with the guys.

NYC Pooch grew out of support from the community, the team that they built, and the work they put into
finding and training their walkers properly. By highlighting the personalities of the walkers, they were able
to give a face to the company while giving New York City dog owners peace of mind. NYC Pooch
walkers are out there on the sidewalks and in the parks every day. Their hard work and dedication – and
their love for what they do – have won over New Yorkers one neighborhood at a time.

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