Dog Walking Rates & Services

NYC Pooch offers a wide variety of services designed to fit your busy lifestyle and help manage the needs of
your little New Yorker.

NYC Pooch Doggies

Additional Dog Walking Services

If your pup needs a little something extra, we’ve got you covered -- All of these services can be added to any of our walks or runs for a small additional charge.

One Way Ticket, Please

Need us to drop off your pooch at a nearby vet or groomer after their walk?
$10 in addition to our standard rates.

Double Dog Dare Ya

If you have two or more dogs that need walking, we’re on it.
$10 for each additional dog in your household.

The Early Bird/Night Owl

For the dog that needs a walk earlier than 10am or later than 6pm. We’ll wake up early so you can sleep in, and we’ll stop by at night so you can go out and play.
$10 in addition to our standard rates.

Holiday and Weekends

We’re happy to help walk and care for your dog over weekends and holiday breaks, but availability fills up quickly, so we recommend taking a look at our Holiday Schedule and getting your reservations in early. Check out our holiday schedule here.
$10 in addition to our standard rate for walks. An additional $15 for holiday pet sitting.

The City Local

This 30 minute visit keeps it close to home,where your little
New Yorker is most comfortable. We’ll walk your dog through
the familiar sights and smells of your neighborhood and park
for some much appreciated exercise and a chance to do
their business in the usual spots.

The Cross Town

An hour-long jaunt gives your dog all the time needed to
burn off stored energy. A lot of ground can be covered in an
hour, so we highly recommend this option for large, athletic
dogs or those hyperactive ankle-biters that need to blow off
some steam. Better with us than with your furniture

The Gotham Run

For those dogs that are just born to run. Choose a 30- or
45-minute jog with one of our legendary dog-runners, and
your pooch will soon be huffing and puffing with joy at the
chance to show off their speed and agility.

Puppy Play Time

Before your puppy is able to hit the streets of New York City,
we can come over for 30 or 60 minutes and help her get
more ready each day. Playing around and socializing is fun,
and it will help instill basic obedience and good manners in
your pup. We'll help with house breaking, make sure that
your dog has enough food and water, and we'll even replace
wee-wee pads if needed.

Pet Sitting and Boarding

We know that you and your pooch are inseparable, but what
about those days when you just can't take your furry friend
with you? Forget the hound hotel, Your regular walker can
be your dog’s side-kick and a familiar face while you’re
away. This service is offered in our home or yours, and is
based on availability. (noon to noon).

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